#AdventuresWithTheCooks: Wynnifred's first road trip


What an epic first road trip for our little girl! About 11 months ago Jon and I (and Archie) took a little road trip to his parents home in North Carolina as Hurricane Matthew visited our beautiful city of Saint Augustine. Now, all 4 of us are on our way to the mountains once again for a little fall family weekend. 

As we are driving through South Carolina we are monitoring the weather at home, as we will continue to for the next week. While we wouldn't mind being without power and having a mini camping session, with Wynnifred and Archie it wasn't a hard decision to fill the truck up (if you've watched the news the lines are real - everywhere... and no, the lines for water wasn't a joke either..we already had some though so avoided those stores), pack some cloths and snacks, and hit the road.


From the latest posts we've seen, hurricane Irma's cloud sheer is the same length as the whole state... wowza. We are planning for the worst and hoping for the best and appreciate the good thoughts and prays for the whole area that is affected. 

As we drive north with just a few of our closest friends and family :) we are also thinking about the Virgin Islands and friends that live there, and also an area that Jon called home for a season.  


Just a little longer to go, then quick rest before Wynnie gets us up to see if there's any color change in the leaves up there!  

before hitting the highway, checking everything out.  

before hitting the highway, checking everything out.