Reading List: Cutting Car Use at the Neighborhood Level

Have you ever been in a neighborhood that is specifically designed for pedestrians? If not, you have probably at least been to an area of a city or shopping area that seems like cars should be around, but aren't. These areas are increasing as the needs for people to both get inside as well as cut the use of motorized vehicles increases. This article from The Atlantic Cities talks about one of these walking ready cities. Read the article here!

Reading List: Reducing Organic Waste Through Badges of Honor is one of my favorite sites for short and sweet articles, info graphics, and overall information on things that really matter. Daily I get one or two emails from them highlighting a specific article which is a good reminder to check out what else is posted on the site as well. This is certainly a must visit site. 

So today I wanted to share this article about reducing organic waste from restaurants around the country. It may sound simple, but 'badges of honor' allow guests to find restaurants (and other facilities) while traveling, and just as people are more eagerly looking for locally sourced and ecologically wise foods, I believe that some are looking at how extra and waste is handled as well. Read the full article here.