Adventures: Here We Go, Vero Beach

Well, we’ve had a few projects going on in the last.. almost year since i’ve posted on here! So, here’s a little recap of the most recent activities:

  • About four + months ago we decided to move from Saint Augustine to Vero Beach (2.75 hours south) - we love STA but Vero Beach is closer to family.. a larger home..

  • A home that we bought and renovated from the shell. We cut the concrete floors for new plumbing, picked new windows, doors, trim, kitchen, bathroom.. paint.. you name it we did it. {Projects still continue, of course, but we’re getting more settled every day!}

  • We (okay I) am currently incubating baby number 2! Wynnie’s little brother or sister will be joining us January 2019.

In addition I am gearing up to launch Katherine Joy Cook Studios, which I will house on this site as well! I’m working on a collection of cards to launch ASAP - please stay tuned as I post more about this through this site, facebook, front-yard-billboards and word of mouth.


Thanks for stopping by!